You don’t realize how you’ll feel after giving birth, and how your life will change until it happens!

A newborn baby is a wonderful thing, and it also shifts how you live daily and what your days look like. Often, you’ll become more sedentary as you sit down for feedings and rest as your body heals. Even the most active moms see their lives slowed down as they care for their newborn.

And of course, that comes with its own aches and pains. Plus…

👉 Carrying around a heavy diaper bag everywhere you go

👉 Lifting your kids out of their cribs

👉 Bringing a car seat in and out and pulling strollers out of your car’s trunk

All of these put new pressures on your body postpartum and can lead to pain and discomfort. Luckily there are easy, simple ways to relieve pain and feel more like yourself as you navigate parenthood!

We’re hosting a free, LIVE training to tell you exactly how you can Experience a Vibrant and Pain-Free Pregnancy.

From October 17th – 21st, Dr. Amy will be sharing all the ways you can lessen pain, sleep deeper, and feel more energized during and after your pregnancy.

Join us in our Facebook Community, Live Well Lifestyle for North Pittsburgh Families. We have fun things happening there already!

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