✨ Bring more energy and less pain to your pregnancy. ✨

At Live Well, we help expecting and postpartum moms feel more like themselves. Our chiropractic care lessens pain and helps your movement, so you can be happier and healthier as you care for yourself and your baby.

And keep up with your other kids!

Right now, we’re offering something special for those who are new to the Live Well community. You can get an evaluation, adjustment, and a one hour massage for only $69! Take advantage of this offer by scheduling your evaluation before Wednesday, November 30th and schedule your massage before Saturday, December 31st.

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P.S. Not pregnant? No problem. We’ve got something for you! Take advantage of our infrared sauna special right now to detox your body, boost your immune system, decrease pain, and burn up to 600 calories—not to mention warm up for the colder days! Click on the button below to schedule your appointment.

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