Did someone say “special”?

Didn’t win the 12 days of Christmas? It’s okay, we still have something special for you. Purchase a $100 gift card and get a BONUS $15 added to your Live Well account. OR purchase a $200 gift card and get a BONUS $50 added to your Live Well account. This is great to get a […]

12 Days of Small Business Christmas

Are you ready for 12 Days of Small Business Christmas? Our giveaway starts on WEDNESDAY!! We’re partnering with 11 other small businesses to bring you 12 days of gifts…in the form of a holiday giveaway! One winner will receive ALL 12 gifts!! Each day we’ll reveal a gift from either us or one of our […]

Who likes hockey?

Celebrate this season with a Pen’s Game! Win tickets to the Pittsburgh Penguins vs Buffalo Sabres game on December 10th! To enter: Visit our Facebook Page and follow the prompts on the post there We’ll announce the winner on Thursday, December 1st. Good luck! Special thanks to Kontos Mengine Killion & Hassen for generously donating […]

Snag this deal while you can!

Not long before our sauna special is over! If you want to… detox your body more than traditional saunas boost your immune system decrease pain burn up to 600 calories per session PLUS it promote relaxation and relieve stress AND take advantage of an amazing sauna package… Make your appointment now! Click on the button […]

Did you know…?

Did you know that our infrared sauna… detoxes your body more than traditional saunas boosts your immune system decreases pain burns up to 600 calories per session PLUS it promotes relaxation, relieves stress, and leaves you feeling refreshed. We have an infrared sauna session special happening right now for a limited time! If you love […]

Warm up in our infrared sauna.

Did you know that stress wears on your immune system?  It’s true! With the holidays coming up, you might feel more frazzled than usual as you try to prepare for dinners, visiting family, and trying to get your kids into the outfits you picked for them. Our infrared sauna can help boost your immune system […]

Happy, healthy mother and baby.

Bring more energy and less pain to your pregnancy. At Live Well, we help expecting and postpartum moms feel more like themselves. Our chiropractic care lessens pain and helps your movement, so you can be happier and healthier as you care for yourself and your baby. And keep up with your other kids! Right now, […]

Don’t let being pregnant stop you.

What if being pregnant didn’t stop you from enjoying what you love? If you’re a first-time mom, or if you’ve done this before, you might be dreading the times later in your pregnancy that discomfort takes over. You love being pregnant and you’re excited to meet your baby, but you want to be able to […]

Relieve comfort and feel healthier in your after-baby body.

There’s a lot of talk about prenatal care, but what about postpartum? As you’re getting into a new routine with your baby, sleeping less, and becoming more sedentary than you were pre-baby, new pains and discomfort often come up. Your body is healing, and it’s also changed, which can take some getting used to. Dr. […]

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